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Friends Only!

This is the personal journal of emonet25 , formerly known as miss_snoopy25


selectively adding

-do not add me first, check my profile for interests and tell me what we have in common and why you want me to friend you
-do not friend this journal for my graphics - they're not here!

My graphics are @ krimson</lj>.
rob - eric packer will fuck you up

Help_Japan - here are my offers!

These are my offers - please go to help_japan (link to my posts below) and bid!

Offer 1 - Graphic Set: background banner or header banner for LJ or Tumblr (or else) + 2 banners (userinfo, friends only, …) + 10 icons (if you don't need/want one of those things in the pack you'll get something else instead such as walllpaper, more icons)

post is here

Starting Bid: $5

Offer 2 - Texture Pack: a custom-made texture pack with at least 30 textures (icon sized or medium sized, whichever you wish). The texture pack will be made for you so you can tell me words/text, colors, material, etc. that you wish to have (I'll see what I can do).

post is here

Starting Bid: $5
rob - eric packer will fuck you up

Massive Friends Cut

So I've been thinking about this for a while and now I finally did it.

A massive Friends Cut.

At times I write extremply personal stuff in here and I really don't feel comfortable anymore having people read it that never comment on anything I write and never make a post in their own journal.

so reasons why you have been cut may be one of the following:

-you never update your journal
-I never comment on your entries, you never comment on mine so basically we have nothing to say to each other
-we have nothing in common (anymore)
-it didn't click

if you can't see this entry then you have been cut.

I am sorry and there are no hard feelings...
If you feel like I cut you on mistake, please comment to this post and write down 3!!! things we have in common and at least one very good reason why I should add you back ;) and 'I love your art' is just not good enough reason to have you be able to read my personal entries. sorry.

For all of you who have been cut, please take me off your f-list as well. Thank You
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bumping this to the top!

you've all seen the horrible pictures from Haiti. The situation is out of hand and the people there need our help!!

in order to raise money together with help_haiti I will make graphics so please go to lion_lamb, check out my thread and bid bid bid!!

I am offering a complete set of 1 wallpaper, 1 LJ graphic (background or header for your layout),1 Friends Only and 1 Userinfo banner plus 10 icons to go with it.

go HERE to bid!
current bid is $10

I am also offering graphics at help_haiti

a graphic pack that includes 1 wallpaper, 5 banners and 15 icons

current bid is $20

go here to bid!
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the fandom gives back

ohmygod! has raised over $15'700 so far and it's not over yet!! You can still go and bid or just donate :D I did donate as well because hey, it's for a good cause!

While the fandom sometimes gives me the creeps, I can't lie about the fact that I am currently reading about 10 fics at the same time all about E&B so yeah...

rob - eric packer will fuck you up

Important Notice

Please do not friend my journal without commenting to my FO post. I will NOT friend you back this way. If you do like to see my icons, friend my community or join even but do not friend this journal instead. All posts in here are locked with the exception of a few but all resources and tutorials and graphics won't be posted here.

I ask you kindly to please remove me from your f-list or comment to my post so I know who you are and might add you back.

Thank You